Friday, July 26, 2013

LDS clarinet music is on the move!

Progress on LDS clarinet music is going well. The church has been giving me copyright permission on several of my songs and there are more to come. I feel very good about the direction this is going in. I feel this is what the Lord wants happening with my music. I am now working on the website for the music and soon the Facebook page as well. I will be also contacting clarinet teachers to pass out the information as well. This is just a short one.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jesus Christ- My Savior!

Yesterday was stake conference the adult session and they were talking about some topics that are difficult for me. So I went to the restroom and prayed for comfort. During the closing song I felt a warmth that was so comforting during a song that I struggle with. I felt the Savior's redeeming grace comforting me from my sorrows and letting me know that everything was okay. That what I was feeling was understandable and to hang in there. There was no condemning for the way I feel and believe but an assurance that the Savior has got it covered. That in the end I will be happy as I follow what I know to be true and believe. I know that Heavenly Father lives and that his gave up His Son, Jesus Christ, so that we can return to Him. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is true and applies to our day, to our personal lives. I know tithing, giving 1/10th of my income to the church, is a true principle and I know my money is being used for righteous purposes and not worldly things. I know we have a prophet right now named Thomas S Monson who is a righteous person and a true prophet. I know that as I follow the principles of the gospel: having faith, repenting, keeping my covenants, listen the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end, that I will return to Him again. I need to focus on those principles instead of those principles I don't understand and believe then Satan has no power over me and I can move forward. I write this to those to don't know of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Come and learn of Him and add to what you already know and feel more of the Savior's love for you. Want to learn more go to and find missionaries near you. I am also happy to answer any questions as well. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Autism. What is it?

I've noticed that whenever I talk to someone about Autism they seem to have a different definition of what Autism is. Everyone's answer is different and not one is the same. It makes me wonder then does Autism really have a definition? Well of course is does. Autism according to the medical dictionary is a developmental disorder that appears in the fist 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills ( Then there is the definition of Asperger's. Is it high functioning autism or something totally different. The medical dictionary defines that it is often considered a high form of autism. It can lead to difficulty interacting socially, repeat behaviors, and clumsiness. Well if you were to watch and compare you will find that it is high functioning autism. I feel there is a name to it because of how common it is to have a higher form of autism than a lower more severe form of autism. I'm positive people disagree with me and that's okay. I'm just simply stating my opinion. My definition of autism is not important but how I interact and help those who do have autism. Thankfully I know the definition well enough to know who has it and who doesn't and how I, personally, can help those in need.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Autism Awareness Month

I work at Clear Horizons Academy which is a school for children under the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Which means we cover from Asberger's to Severe Autism. I love the kids at the school!! I have to thank the DIR Floor-time Plan for being able to get into their world. DIR Floor-time Plan...what is it?? Well, let me tell you. D=Developmental I=Individual R=Relationships; Floor-time=Playing; Plan=Education. Don't worry I'll break it down for you. D=Developmental is the levels which a typical child grows. There are 6 of these levels that our school focuses on the most. The levels go as follows: 1. Regulation and Attention 2. Engagement and Relations 3. Two way and Intentional communications 4. Complex Communications and Sense of Self  5. Words, Symbols, and Ideas, and 6. Logical and Emotional. Now, I will explain all of this in a different blog because it's lengthy. The I=Individual; which means the individual components of the person. Health, previous education, family history, medical history, and sensory needs (Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Oral, Olfactory, Vestibular [balance], and Proprioception [knowing where body is in space]) whether they are seeking it, under-responsive to some of it, or over-responsive to some of it. Sensory is a category within itself. The R=Relationships, one of the most important components. Relationships include family, friends, and teachers. When they know the D, I, and Floor-time part of the pack they and their child can and will do miracles. Floor-time is basically following the child's lead. Not following wherever the child goes but whatever the child does. The goal of this "playing" is getting into their world not getting them into yours. It's only when you are immersed in their world that you can start bringing in yours. So knowing your child's DIR will greatly benefit you into floor-time techniques. I hope you are not getting lost in this explanation but seeing a door that is open to children with Autism. My plan at the school is incorporating music as an enhanced way where children with Autism can learn life. I hope to start a choir having the children doing parts according to their severity. Then at the end of the term or semester they will put on a concert for family and friends. :-)
I'm exciting and glad to be inspired to do this. It will be a lot of work but extremely rewarding!!!      

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

It's been awhile since I last posted. Spring break was this week and I went to Idaho to, what I like to call, "take break from Utah". My trip there has renew my efforts in hiking this summer and going to places I haven't been. This summer it will be Yellowstone National Park. It's only a couple of hours from Milo, Idaho where my extended family lives. Speaking of which, I did what only a granddaughter could do and that is have my Grandma dejunk one of her rooms. Unfortunately, I only got half the room done but did receive some nice memory items of my deceased grandpa and a nice jazz CD collection.

I've wanted to blog but I'm not sure what to write about this time. I've been thinking about my job a lot this week, really because my truck has forced me, whether I should stay or not. My work environment has gotten a thousand times better which makes me think that I can actually work hard enough that they will give me a raise. The funny thing is, is whenever I think about changing jobs I feel completely stumped and dumbfounded. It's like suddenly I have no experience in anything but music. This, of course, leads to school and if I'm making the right choice. I worry because I want to do something I'm passionate about but also do something that will provide for myself. My deepest passion is music but it isn't a very open job area. I don't think I've ever been this distressed over what to do at school. I still am going to produce clarinet arrangements for the church but what else?!?!What else can I be passionate about something else that can really provide for me. If anyone that knows me I sure would like ideas. Today will be short but sometime I want to more fully describe the details of my job and what I think I could add to it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Answer to a prayer from a movie?!?

Hello again, Today I watched Soul Surfer although it wasn't the first time. As I was watching I received a remarkable answer to one of my sought out prayers. If you haven't seen Soul Surfer it's about a professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, and her story of losing one of her arms but still comes out on top. Well, when I got home from my mission I got a big shark bite of depression especially about the clarinet and my dream to go far with it. I've always wanted to be a musician since I was 8 and a clarinet player since 12 and was on a one mind track to becoming one. After I graduated and came home from my mission, of course, reality struck me and I quickly realized the very slim job openings for someone with a performance degree. Still clarinet was such a part of me even when I wasn't practicing anymore (when you are on your mission, getting to practicing daily was not in the missionary agenda although I did get to bring my instrument). So when I got home I was already out of the habit of practicing daily and started feeling more hopeless about it. For 3 years I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life, especially with the clarinet. Those who read this and know me understands how much the clarinet is a part of me. So the thought of not having it as a big part of my life is huge. If I know anything about who I am, one thing would be I am a clarinet player. Well, I have being praying about if playing the clarinet should be part of my career. I got a warm yes telling me with God ALL things are possible to those who believe in Him. I don't know how my future will turn out going down this path but the Lord knows why I am: to make clarinet arrangements in a variety of ways for the church to be played in any church setting by any clarinet player. If people could hear and see the way the Spirit comes through the clarinet it would be right up there with the flute, oboe, and violin. I want to make it possible for people not to worry about the clarinet being in B-flat because there is already music for it or for someway to apply it (like a B-flat hymn book for example). Just for the Latter-day Saint clarinet player. So I am going to become a college professor for my regular job with making church arrangements on the side. :-)

P.S. If you see any grammar or spelling problems I okay with you telling me so I can improve my writing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm glad I wrote church first as one of the things I want to talk about in my blog. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. Mormon) and Jesus Christ is definitely someone we worship and believe. I would like to talk about a power that has tremendous faith promoting experiences. That power is the Priesthood. The Priesthood is the power and authority from God given to worthy males. I don't know why women don't have it but I know someday God will be able to tell me. What I do know is that it blesses me and anyone else as well. I say this because I had a faith promoting experience last night. I'm performing in a production called the Lamb of God by Rob Gardner and I play clarinet in it. The group has narrators, soloists, choir, and orchestra and they retell the story of Christ's last days and His resurrection. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument [the best one ;-) ] and so it requires you to blow through it. Well if anyone knows how to play the clarinet they will tell you that it vibrates your mouth and nose. I say nose for this reason: I have a chronic nose bleed problem. In 2004 I went to the ER and had to have one side cauterized. When that happens you should be able to experience no nose bleeds again unless it breaks. Well,  years later, as of Wednesday this past week, it broke because of sinus infection (too much blowing of the nose). Usually, when I have a nose bleed, it is because it is dry and this time, as in other times before, it was because it was dry and vibrating from my clarinet playing. When this happens I cannot play my clarinet for at least 24 hours. Two days before my performance in the Lamb of God, it broke, and I became very worried because I was 1st clarinet and had many important lines to play. Well, I made through the dress rehearsal the day before but last night I had a little bit of blood coming out and, of course, became very worried. Well, I decided to have a priesthood blessing right before the concert to help me be calm and have faith that I would make through the concert without a nose-bleed. I've had a hard time with the Priesthood for reasons that don't need to be explained but I still try to have faith in them. Well, that night when I got a blessing I was told that it would not bleed and that I would still have a hard time playing but no nose bleed. Now for that to occur I had to have a lot of faith that that would come to pass but I was told that this would promote my faith and I would tell others about the experience. Well, throughout the concert there was no nose bleed what so ever. :-D  I want to testify that there is power in the Priesthood and with enough faith you can be healed. Healed from anything. Why? Because God loves us and cares about even the littlest thing, like a nose-bleed. I say this is the name of Jesus Christ, my healer and Savior, Amen.